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If you are over 50 and want to research or reach your knowledge to the juniors.
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The Council on Geopolitics (Geopolitikai Tanács) is an independent research center, which analyzes and evaluates the geopolitics of peace and security, as well as new forms of geopolitical threats. It creates the opportunity for communication between generations, cultures, as well as researchers. Its independence rests on its financial independence, due to voluntary nature of its work. It provides a platform for experienced and new researchers to introduce themselves to the public.


Research activity

The Council on Geopolitics has recognized that in a digital age anyone can become a researcher, and as such it has moved beyond the office desks. Using publicly available resources on the internet, the Council is organizing geopolitical research which contributes to our understanding of fundamental, as well as new challenges. With a modern definition of cyberspace, it transforms geopolitical thinking to reflect today's circumstances. Its results are published in the "Workshop studies" (Műhelytanulmányok) series, along with organizing presentations and participating in the public debate. It is present in the international scientific life.


International presence

We assist the work of the UN Economic and Social Council in special consultative status. We pay close attention to the work of UN ITU, and we uncover the opportunities of the digital era. We are constantly present in the European Commission's transparency register. We strengthen our relations with the OSCE on the topics of peace and security, as well as the freedom of the press. We participated in the OSCE's election observation by sending short-term observers. We continue our cooperation with the Global Financial Integrity Task Force, which carries out work on financial security in Washington DC. We also participate in the work of the Internet Society. We selectively support civil initiatives with foreign and global reach.


In the service of public good

The Council on Geopolitics' research is publicly-oriented. We abide by the unity of "knowledge and action." We speak out against fake news and manipulated scientific activities. To ensure the transparency of public life, we have created the institution of "Civil monitoring," and with the invitation of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, we participated in the work of its anti-corruption group. We made policy proposals for a ban on government officials' offshore bank accounts, and we translated to Hungarian international transparency news, on We organized scientific presentations under the name Óbuda knowledge club (Óbudai Tudásklub) in order to foster knowledge transfer. We are co-founders of the anti-corruption working commission of the Joint Venture Alliance. We are active participants of the thematic Other Civil and Political Rights working group of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement's Human Rights Working Group, where we initiated the inclusion of Internet as a fundamental human right into its agenda. We supported digital transformation with our suggestions made to the National R&D and Innovation Strategy. We also inform the public opinion on geopolitical links and relations with our media presence.  



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