The Microsoft DevOps story

Date: 11/03/2020 14: 00-15: 30

Venue: Department of Informatics, NJE GAMF MI Faculty, Izsáki út 10., Kecskemét, Building 4, Room 315

We are participating in the following event:

Speaker: János Zsolt Török


Department of Informatics, Neumann János University,

the Department of Computer Science of the Association of Telecommunications and Informatics,

the Informatics Committee of the MNB’s European Organization for Quality,

the joint event of the (ISC) 2 Hungary Chapter and the Hungarian Chapter of ISACA,

the next lecture in the „Informatika.Neked” lecture series



– What is the DevOps approach and why is it so important to use it in any software development project?

– How did the DevOps transformation take place at Microsoft?