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Recommended articles

László Dornfeld: Regulatory Models of Cyberspace in Europe. in: Imre Antalík (ed.): “Field Force – Power Field”: Studies from the presentations of the Carpathian Basin Geopolitical Conference. János Selye University: Komárom, 2019. pp. 44-48.

Regulatory models of cyberspace in Europe


In today’s fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, the development of technologies and applications is advancing at a rapid pace, with significant social and technological implications. Most societies have been unprepared for this rapid pace of development. In order to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the data explosion, we need to develop our knowledge and creativity. Big Data data analysis technology has arrived for corporate development, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating huge data sets. The new results will reshape the labor demand of businesses, the content of jobs, while new professions are born and others disappear. Using the Big Data method, data scientists make forecasts.

The Big Data Scientist and Territorial Statistics

Publication of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors “Data mining tools in auditing”, edited by our researcher Miklós Barsy.

Use of data mining tools in auditing..

Recommended books


Geopolitical Council Foundation Workshop Studies 2016/1 no

The geopolitics of cyberspace

Budapest, 2016.
Whoever dominates the making of info-communication products and software (especially their standardization and development), as well as the transmission and archiving of data, dominates cyberspace. Whoever dominates people’s attention dominates the virtual space. Whoever rules cyberspace and virtual space rules the Earth.

(PINTÉR, István (2016) The geopolitics of cyberspace. In: PINTÉR, István: The geopolitics of cyberspace. Geopolitical Council Workshop Studies, Budapest, 2016/1 p. 287.HU ISSN 1788-7895.ISBN 978-963-9816- 34-3)