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Mrs. József Kilin

Big Data Scientists and Regional Statistics

Adam Mirczik

Review of the volume “Geopolitics of Virtual Space”

Advocat Mirczik article

Recording of "Hatos csatorna" 07/28/2019

Recording of „Hatos csatorna” 07/28/2019.
Discussion on geopolitics. Host Júlia Takács, guest Dr. István Pintér.

CSR: accountability, sustainability, transparency

CSR Hungary held its Responsible Business Summit for the Economy of the Future conference. The event focused on current issues of corporate responsibility and sustainability.
You can read the article published in Trade Magazine here:

Hungarian Public Benefit Organization of Internal Auditors

Recommendation for the Compliance function.

M1 "Ma este" broadcasting 09/11/ 2019

A discussion on the Russian-Ukrainian prisoner exchange, with

our expert Dr István Pintér.

You can find the discussion from 10:25 of the video below:

Migration is the source of modern-day slavery

From the M1 morning show on 23.07.2018.

Civilians and security policy

BIZTONSÁGPOLITIKA.HU Article published on 30.04.2011.

HR in the network of corruption

HR portal opinions on the research published in 2010.

International affiliations of non - governmental organizations

“Civil Szemle” 2009 1-2 article “Civil Report 2007-2008” International Relations

Internet Terrorism - With Intelligence Against Offshore Companies

Business Intelligence 2007.04.27.
About the conference held on the occasion of NATO’s 60th “birthday”.

Domestic violence The district news portal informs about the conference. 11/28/2007