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The Geopolitical Council

The Geopolitical Council was established in 2001 as an independent intellectual think-tank of experts and scientists. In its formation, all participants agreed on the power of intellectual, scientific work to shape society and to influence its well-being and healthy development. Research and action along the public interest has emerged as a goal, which is often overlooked by politicized, materialized scientific life, especially in some social sciences. Among the first documents was the quality policy, which, even after a decade and a half, is the benchmark for intellectual independence and fair research. After two years of successful operation, the legal form was created, which made it possible to formally connect with foreign and Hungarian organizations, to expand scientific cooperation,and the launch of consultancy activities.

The Geopolitical Council Public Benefit Foundation was established by three Hungarian individuals with a small financial contribution. The mayor of the Óbuda-Békásmegyer Municipality of Budapest provided encouragement and non-financial support for the establishment, to whom we would like to express our gratitude.
We are also grateful to the US Embassy in Budapest, which provided a professional study trip for two people after the start, where we could study the democratic decision-making system, the structure and operation of the most important think tanks in Washington and New York, and the guarantees of their independence.

The Geopolitical Council is committed to scientific dialogue, a well-founded and democratic decision-making system, and the peaceful coexistence of nations, and will work to support initiatives based on respect for each other and following the traditions of noble geopolitical thinkers. The Geopolitical Council is ready to cooperate with all those organizations and individuals who, for the common good, work with scientific thoroughness to improve the fate of our country, our region, Europe and humanity.

The Geopolitical Council carries out four activities and accordingly intends to address a wide range of audiences. On the one hand, it intends to address directly the general public as a whole through resolutions on important policy issues, public events (conferences, lectures, publications, etc.) and the media, highlighting the complex background to the processes. This can help control fake news, create a conscious public opinion, and, in a good case, influence those who exercise public power. It provides an opportunity for intergenerational dialogue, the emergence of young and experienced researchers. Secondly, the Geopolitical Council addresses concrete policy proposals, concepts and background studies directly to policy makers in order to make forward-looking proposals on emerging regulatory issues,and bring arguments and considerations in favor of action plans in this spirit. It is represented in ministerial forums such as the Round Table on Human Rights, cooperating with the relevant bodies of the corporate sector and public administration. Thirdly, the Geopolitical Council conducts theoretical research and surveys, mainly in the fields of virtual space and cyberspace, as well as security in the broadest sense, which seek to broaden the horizons of related political and professional debates.

In addition, the Council shall cooperate with the United Nations, the bodies of the European Union and the OSCE, building on the possibilities offered by the special consultative status of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It supports the development of transatlantic relations and intercultural dialogue in the framework of civil cooperation. You can read more about our completed projects and research at the following links:

Hungarian-German Center 

Hungarian-Canadian Security Policy Cooperation

Geopolitical Council Public Benefit Foundation Applied Risk Analysis Unit


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